OIDP Distinction "Best Practice in Citizen Participation"

The IOPD Distinction Best Practice in Citizen Participation seeks to recognize innovative experiences in the field of participatory democracy, coordinated by local governments, which may be susceptible to reply. Local government’s members of the IOPD can be submitted to this distinction, which is awarded annually as part of the Conference of the IOPD. An international jury is responsible for assessing applications and decides the winner.

10th Distinction - 2016

The last May 6 2016 the ceremony of the 10th IOPD Award was held within the framework of the 16th IOPD Conference held in Matola, Mozambique.

Altogether 36 nominations from 15 countries were presented, and the prize was awarded according to the criteria of an international jury composed of members of IOPD.

The Award results were:

-       Award Winner: “System of Citizen Participation” Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil”


-       Finalist: "Public consultation on reducing dependence on fossil fuels" Montreal, Quebec, Canada


-       Special Mention: “Participatory Budgeting of Ampasy Nahampoana /  Region ANOSY, Madagascar


-       Special Mention: “Your home, our commitment” Observatorio Vasco de la Vivienda (OVV), Basque Government, Spain


-       Special Mention: “Health Impact Assessment” de Plaine Commune, (France)


-       Special Mention: “I participate” Project from the Municipality of Palmela (Portugal)


-       Special Mention: “Rumiñahui Management and Participatory System” del Gobierno Autónomo Descentralizado Municipal de Rumiñahui (Ecuador)


We invite you to read the final document of the X OIDP which includes summaries of the 36 nominations. Link

Previous editions:

The winning cities in the previous editions were:

1st Distinction: 2006. Processes and mechanisms for the inclusion of indigenous women in local management. Participatory Budget. Cotacachi (Ecuador)

2nd Distinction: 2007. Digital Participatory Budgeting, Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

3rd Distinction: 2008. The Guarda-Chuva Programme: a model of risk management, Recife (Brazil)

4th Distinction: 2009. Community Neighborhood Improvement Program. Mexico City. (Mexico)

5th Distinction: 2010. Participatory Budgeting. Rosario (Argentina)

6th Distinction: 2012. Neighborhood Plans. Madrid (Spain)

7th Distinction: 2013. Neighborhoods and areas of priority intervention. Lisbon (Portugal)

8th Distinction: 2014. Participatory Budgeting, Rural Public Services. Chengdu (China)

9th Distinction: 2015. Open City Council. Quart de Poblet (Spain)

10th Distinction: 2016. Citizen Participation System. Canoas (Brazil)

Below you will find the documents of the eight distinctions with the summaries of the candidacies submitted. For more details visit space applications "experiences"





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