logo Distinción Buena Práctica en Participación Ciudadana

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15th Award

The Distinction "Best Practice in Citizen Participation" is an award given annually by the International Observatory on Participatory Democracy (IOPD) to recognize public policies implemented by local governments.

How can I submit a proposal?


Become member of IOPD

If you want to be part of our network, sign up here.


Send your proposal

  • Fill the form in your preferred language, answering all the questions.
  • Send it to, including all attachments you may deem necessary (pictures, videos, publications, documents…)


First stage - proposal submissions:

until the 30th April 2021
Submit your proposal by 30 April 2021 via email.

Second stage - evaluation of formal requirements:

We will then evaluate the compliance with the requirements that are specified in section 3 of the terms and will reject those proposals that do not comply with them.

Third stage - comments and voting:

May 2021

In May, it will your turn to comment and vote! IOPD members who have signed up to the digital platform will be able to comment on the proposals and ask questions to the person who submits it. Each member will be able to vote for up to three proposals.

Fourth stage - Jury Evaluation

Each member of the jury will evaluate 10 proposals and will submit a report on each of them through a form. The report will include the point assignments for each of the evaluation criteria (section 5 of the terms) and a brief justification. The proposal which has more points will be the winner! Also, the jury will be able to choose up to five special mentions.

Final Stage - Publication of Results and Feedback

August/September 2021

The result of the prizes will be made public during the annual IOPD conference taking place in August/September 2021. On the other hand, jury comments will be sent to the candidacies that have made it to the fifth stage for the purpose of them to be used to improve the practices on participatory democracy.