Purple Squadron "For a District without Violence!"




Municipality of La Victoria

Initial date



July 2019 - December 2022

Final date


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gender equality civic responsibility human rights



The District Municipality of La Victoria (Lima, Peru), approves the creation of the "Violet Squadron", made up of women from Serenazgo and the Tactical Operations Group -GOT, as a group of specialised elements, who are responsible for the care and temporary protection of victims of domestic and sexual violence against women and other members of the family group. They are identified by a purple cap and waistcoat, which is the colour identified with the Defence and Solidarity for the victims of violence worldwide, which bears the logo of the Municipality of La Victoria and the slogan: "Women who take care of women". The principles that govern their actions are: respect for the person, help to the community, coordination and legality.


To reduce violence and social tolerance towards women and to carry out joint accompaniment with the aim of providing emotional protection.


The functions of the members of the Violet Squadron are immersed in the framework of the Sereno Manual, whose objective is to establish basic norms and procedures for the performance of the sereno's functions at the national level. 

Functions of the members 

  • Communicate to the Video Surveillance Centre if it is a direct intervention.
  • If the call is received by the Video Surveillance Centre or the report is received through social networks, immediately go to the scene of the incident.
  • Go with the public safety unit with police officers so that they can carry out the intervention.
  • Take statements from the assaulted person as well as from the aggressor and the cause of the aggression. Refer both parties to the police station to make the corresponding report.


The Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, as the governing body responsible for formulating, planning, directing and implementing national policies, plans, programmes and projects for the prevention, protection and care of gender violence, has developed a new "National Plan against Gender Violence 2016 - 2021" in a process of decentralised participation with representatives of organisations and public and private entities at the national level.

The strategy is aligned with the framework of international and national policies in force, such as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development - SDGs, whose goal 5 "Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls" refers in its target 5.2, which is to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls in the public and private spheres, including trafficking and sexual and other types of exploitation. C, which is to adopt and strengthen sound policies and enforceable laws to promote gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls at all levels. Thus, the concern arises on the part of the local government of La Victoria, which considers it of extreme importance to insert the prevention of violence in the management instruments of the municipality through the elaboration of the "Multiannual Work Plan of the Violet Squadron 2020 - 2022", where all the actions that the Management of Social and Women's Development together with the Management of Citizen Security are contemplated, Control and Control and Disaster Risk Management as responsible in an articulated work with their local strategic allies will implement in favour of reducing social tolerance towards violence against women in the district, to improve family coexistence that will have an impact on the improvement of individual security in the district.

Process : 

  • The police officer is the only one who can make both parties available, as he has to fill out the report and present it.
  • The police officer is the only one who can make both parties available, as he has to fill in the report and submit it.
  • After the event, coordinate with the corresponding CEM and with the competent area of the Department of Social Development and Women's Affairs to follow up the corresponding case.
  • Register the case in the Citizen Security Statistics.
  • Draw up a monthly report on cases of violence against women and members of the family group for submission to CODISEC.

Lines of action :

Equality in the model of municipal government.

This line incorporates all work related to the application of gender mainstreaming in the government model: organisational culture, human resources, work processes and procedures, staff training, coordination, collaboration and participation. That is to say, to strengthen the Articulated Work Spaces such as CODISEC and the Municipal Equality Policy Coordination Body.

2.- Empowerment of Women in the Community

In this line, the economic and emotional autonomy of women will be achieved in order to promote human development and achieve their wellbeing.

3.- Prevention of Physical and Psychological Violence

In this line we will work to ensure that citizens identify sexual harassment in public spaces as a form of gender violence and become aware of this problem in order to avoid its normalisation.

4.- Humanisation of the care route for violence against women.

Strengthening the capacities of local operators that form part of the care route and for comprehensive social services for vulnerable populations.



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