21 IOPD Conference Grenoble, 7-10 December 2022

Citizen Participation and Climate Action



The International Observatory on Participatory Democracy (IOPD) is a space open to all cities in the world and all associations, organizations and research centers interested in learning about, exchanging impressions and applying experiences of participatory democracy on a local scale with the aim of deepening the roots of democracy in municipal government.

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Barcelona adopts new citizen participation regulations that update direct democracy mechanisms

The new Barcelona Citizen Participation Regulation urges the Municipality to promote channels and instruments that

The open evaluation of the 16th IOPD Award has ended.

A total of 2,933 people have participated through their comments and votes on the nominations.

IOPD participates in the 2022 UCLG Executive Bureau

The debate on democratic renewal continues to be present in the debates of the World Organisation of Local and Regional


ATR Participatory Projects: For more Autonomy, Territoriality and Youth Networks
Planning and Transforming Iztapalapa
Roma Decide: administration and citizenship united in decisions


2022-07-13 / 2022-07-13

Climate Democracy Action Launch Event Overview

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2022-09-21 / 2022-09-25
Lucerne Switzerland

2022 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy

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2022-09-28 / 2022-09-28
Glasgow online

The Scottish Participatory Budgeting Conference 2022

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