Contributions of Participatory Budgeting to climate change adaptation and mitigation

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The International Observatory on Participatory Democracy (IOPD) is a space open to all cities in the world and all associations, organizations and research centers interested in learning about, exchanging impressions and applying experiences of participatory democracy on a local scale with the aim of deepening the roots of democracy in municipal government.

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Barcelona City Council presents the new Municipal Action Plan

The so-called PAM+ is an extraordinary roadmap for the period 2020-2023, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and which

Decalogue for Participatory Slum Upgrading programmes in pandemic times

The "Synergies for Solidarity" project has produced the decalogue as a roadmap for Latin America & the

Call for Contributions to the 2021 Work Plan

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World Cities Report 2020

Under the title "The Value of Sustainable Urbanization", the report was released by UN-Habitat on 31 October. The Value of

Democratising Smart Cities? Penta-Helix Multistakeholder Social Innovation Framework


Multi-layered participatory budgeting.

The case of low-income neighbourhoods in Paris. By Estela


2020-12-06 / 2020-12-12

3rd Annual Citizen Engagement and Deliberative Democracy Festival

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2020-12-14 / 2020-12-14

Local Democracy and Covid-19: Lessons Learnt

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