DEMOCRATIC CITIES Commons technology and the right to a democratic city


During the past two years, D-CENT (Decentralised Citizens ENgagement Technologies) has been working to transform democracy in a very concrete way: helping movements, cities, and political parties to build technologies, methods and tools that can make the democratic system more in-sync with collective aspirations of the 21st century.  To showcase and celebrate the results of the D-CENT project a week-long programme of activity is taking place in madrid including a Democracy lab and International conference.

Democracy Lab

23 – 27 May, Medialab Prado

The week begins with a four-day Democracy Lab (23-27 May, Medialab-Prado) delivering workshops, hackathons and open sessions to develop, think and design tools, processes and strategies for democratic participation.

International conference

27 – 28 May, Museo Reina Sofia

The Commons technology and the right to a democratic city international conference (27-28 May, Museo Reina Sofia) will conclude the week’s activities. Prompting discussion on network democracy, new forms of citizen participation and digital commons in democratic Cities, the conference will showcase the success of the European D-CENT project and look at the future of digital democracy.