Cascais wins the the GIFT Public Participation in Fiscal Policy and Budget Making Award for his Participatory Budgeting

The Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT) is a global network that facilitates dialogue between governments, civil society organizations, private sector and other stakeholders to find and share solutions to challenges in fiscal transparency and participation. 

Taking home the top prizes were the Cascais Participatory Budgeting, implemented by the Municipality of Cascais, Portugal; the Farm Subsidies: Public participation to improve the situation of small farmers in Mexico, executed by the CSO Fundar, Center for Analysis and Research; and Georgia’s Budget Monitor, implemented by the State Audit Office. 

The GIFT Selection Committee had a very hard task selecting the best 3 cases. A Special Mention Award from the Jury went to the Citizen Participatory Audit case of the Commission on Audit of the Republic of the Philippines, another case presented by a Supreme Audit Institution, that has already been documented in GIFT’s Guide on Public Participation Principles and Mechanisms (see and published as part of a case studyproduced as the GIFT effort to share with practitioners, success experience on public participation in fiscal policies.

The Municipality of Cascais, with a population of 206.000, has ran the Participatory Budget for 6 years, involving more than 150.000 citizens, implementing 88 projects (works) worth 15.820.000€ and has strengthened people’s confidence in their governors.  Moreover, their methodology has been replicated in more than 10 cities and observed by different continents.

The city of Cascais host the 13th IOPD Conference in 2013.

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