Turin and Jalisco launch citizen participation platforms using CONSUL, the free software from Madrid

The Italian city of Torino and the state of Jalisco (Mexico) have just released their citizen participation portals, Decidi Torino and Participa Jalisco. Both have the objectives of involving the public in the development of their public policies and in the presentation of proposals.

They also have in common that they use the free citizen participation software developed by the City Council of Madrid, CONSUL, which is the basis of Decide Madrid and portals of more cities and regions around the world.

Decidi Torino was born, for the moment, with the possibilities of opening debates and will soon incorporate the citizen proposals.

At its launch, Torino's participation councilor, Paola Pisano, said that the platform "is a methodology that opens the way to democracy from below through direct and binding mechanisms to bring citizens closer to the Administration and thus define priorities on which the municipality must intervene ".

Portada de la web Decidi Torino


On the other hand, Participa Jalisco is the citizen participation portal that has been launched by the Government of this Mexican state. The citizenship has the following mechanisms to participate:

  • Debates: to discuss issues that affects the state.
  • Proposals: the space to present ideas for the government to incorporate into their policies. During the first hours of the web, eight proposals have already been submitted.
  • Interviews: in this section, the governor and the members of his cabinet will answer the citizens' questions.
  • Probes: the inhabitants of Jalisco will give their opinion to the questions of the Government of the State during periods of 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Co-creation of documents: it is the tool to elaborate laws and norms in a collaborative way and that allows the citizens to contribute to the state legislation.

Web de Participa Jalisco