Belgrade Municipal Election

Preliminary results by the Ipsos polling agency and carried by state TV projected that the list of former Belgrade Mayor Dragan Djilas trailed with some 19 percent.

Yesterday, the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, held an election for its new Municipal Assembly for the next four years, which had a participation of 51.1%. According to the preliminary results, the Serbian Progressive Party, current ruler, won 45% of the votes available. Because of this, they can manage to shape the government of the city without needing to have coalition partners.

In second place, with 18.8% of the votes and 26 seats, is the party of Mayor Dragan Djilas; third, the list lead by Alesksandar Sapic with 9.1% of votes and 13 seats; and, finally, the Socialist Party of Serbia with 6.1% of votes. The other parties did not achieve any seats because they did not comply with the minimum regulatory 5% to accede to the Municipal Assembly.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic voting in Belgrade on March 4.


The independent CESID monitoring agency said that it recorded a number of irregularities at polling stations, including collective voting. But Zoran Lukic, the president of the City Election Commission, said that the vote was going smoothly and denied the allegations of irregularities.

Some 1.6 million eligible voters had to choose the Belgrade City Assembly from 24 electoral lists. Members of the city assembly are elected on a closed party-list, proportional representation system.

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