The stage to participate in the elaboration of the IOPD Agenda for the Local Democracy is now open

IOPD members can take part in it until mid September

Within the framework of the 18th IOPD Conference, the Assembly has to adopt the 27th November a final resolution. The IOPD Presidency wants it to be an agenda for local democracy, a reference guide for local governments which want to improve democracy in their municipalities. With this aim, a participative process has been opened and IOPD members are invited to collaborate in its elaboration.
A first stage to think collectively which elements should be included in the agenda has started at the PARTICIPATE IOPD platform. With this aim, the presidency has proposed five topics that it wants to include so the participants add comments and information about it.


The five initial proposals of the Presidency are:

Local democracy as an ecosystem

Autonomy of local governments

- Inclusive channels


- Evaluation of participatory policies and channels


If you have any doubt, you can check the platform's guide.