The Valencia City Council submits a new regulation on citizen participation

The document aims to create "citizen spokespeople" in which neighbourhood associations, entities and social collectives are represented.

The Valencia City Council has submitted a new regulation of the district boards that will allow the opening of a new stage on participatory democracy in the city. Citizen entities will have the right to voice and vote in the district's council. It aims to create the figure of "citizen spokespeople" and an Observatory of the Neighbourhood and Villages, as well as to give visibility to village councils in the district councils. The spokespeople will not only be represented by neighbourhood associations, but also entities and social collectives.

These are some of the goals that the Valencia City Council aims to reach with the modification of the Reglament Orgànic de l'Administració de les Juntes de Districte (internal regulation of the district board's administration). The regulation will be submitted for approval in this month's "ple" at the Valencia City Council.