Taoyuan wins the XII IOPD Award

The city of Taoyuan, in Taiwan, has been awarded at the closing ceremony of the 18th IOPD Conference with the prize "Good Practice in Citizen Participation". 

The Asian government has stood out by submitting its innovative proposal from a participatory democracy perspective: a participatory budgeting for migrant workers of the Asian city. Despite having a limited budget, the city gave voice to that group to reach an equal participation and to diversify inclusion in the Taiwanese society.

Among the objectives of the experience, there is the empowerment of non-organized citizens, the improvement of the decision making processes through participatory democracy mechanisms and rise of citizen's right to political participation, among others. The jury has highlighted that the project is a cutting edge experience at worldwide level, quite innovative from a participatory democracy point of view and inspiring. Also, they have positively valued the effort put to reach social and multicultural inclusion as they had to face the language barrier of participants.

  • The Sustainable Schools Project - Águeda (Portugal)
  • Local Government-NGO Partnership, Stepping Stone for the Advancement of Women - Luhwindja (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  • Our Money, Our Say!' - Budgeting by Inclusion - Penang (Malaysia)
  • Yakutia LISP - Sakha (Yakutia) Republic (Russia)
  • A More Enlightened Community, a More Participative Community - Valongo (Portugal)

We thank you all for your participation in our award!