Citizen participation is at the center of the Portuguese municipality debate

Maia hosted a workshop on public policies of local governments where transparency and participation appear as strategic priorities. 

The city of Maia, located in the metropolitan area of Porto, hosted on May 15, 2019 a day of debate on the future of local governments organized by Wiremaze. OIDP coordinator Adrià Duarte participated in the inaugural panel on the subject of transparency with professor and researcher Yves Cabannes, José Molina, president of the Council of Transparency of the Region of Murcia and Luis Amaral de Gávea, Universidade do Minho. The IOPD coordinator presented the work of the network, the challenges of implementing participatory policies and the agenda for local democracy.


In another panel, various Portuguese municipalities presented their experiences on citizen participation in a country that innovates the participatory budget from schools to the national level. Several municipalities of the IOPD were representatives in this event, highlighting Águeda, Guimarães Lagoa or Valongo among others. In the words of Professor Cabannes, a country that innovates in democratic terms with a boldness in humility.



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