Comments and voting phase of the candidacies for the IOPD Award begins

IOPD members can comment and vote on innovative experiences in citizen participation

Having finished the deadline to submit nominations to the 13th Award "Best Practice in Citizen Participation" 28 experiences have been presented through the ParticipateOIDP platform, Local and regional governments, coming from up to 10 countries, have been participants of this exercise that seeks share and disseminate examples of democratic innovation.


Until June 30, 2019, the members of the IOPD that are registered in the digital platform will have the possibility to comment on the proposals and likewise to ask questions to the members that present them. They can also vote up to 3 experiences to go to the final phase, which will access 50% of the most voted candidates. .


The International Observatory of Participatory Democracy thanks the local and regional governments that have submitted their candidacies and encourages all members to participate in this phase of the evaluation.


In case of doubt, we encourage you to consult the platform's user guide