The comments and voting stage of the 13th IOPD Award has finished.

The 14 most-voted candidacies have passed on to the final stage thanks to the support from other members of the PARTICIPATE OIDP platform

The 14 candidates with the most support have passed to the final phase, representing 50% of the applications submitted. The process has counted on 122 participants who have made up to 179 comments through the PARTICIPATE OIPD platform. During this period, the members of the platform have asked questions and comments to the people who presented the proposals to know the details of the different innovative practices.

These finalist candidacies  will be evaluated by a jury of international experts who will evaluate a complete sheet of each innovative experience in citizen participation. It has to be mentioned that comments will be open.

 The proposals submitted shall remain visible on the platform and comments activated so that users can continue to share their views.


These are the 14  candidacies which move on to the next phase:

Governación de Nariño, (Colombia): "Gana Municipales, Government of Nariño"

District Ombudsman of Bogotá (Colombia): "Interactive platform for the follow-up of the commitments between citizens and public entities: COLIBRÍ"

Volta Redonda, (Brazil): "Participatory hybrid budget - a methodological proposal to reduce urban and political inequalities"

Grenoble, (France): "The citizen project workshops"

Bordeaux, (France): "A participatory budget oriented towards sustainable development"

Aserrí, (Costa Rica): "Socio-spatial Mapping of Vulnerabilities and Territorial Resiliences".

Metz, (France): "The dreamed, green, sustainable and solidary city, by the Municipal Council of Children of Metz"

Medellín, (Colombia): "New forms of participation in Local Planning and Participatory Budgeting".

Tomiño, (Spain): "Defenders of Cross-Border Citizenship"

Kazan, (Russia): "Comprehensive reform of the municipal services system".

Vitoria-Gasteiz: (Spain): "Participatory murals contest"

Olavarría, (Argentina): Construction of a public data opening policy in Olavarría

Kazan, (Russia): waste management reform

City of Córdoba, (Argentina): Citizen Empowerment for participation in decision-making


Here you have the statistical data of the process that has been carried out in this period of time.