The website of the 2019 IOPD conference is now available

The conference will take place in Iztapalapa Mexico City from the 7th to the 10th of december, 2019  

You can now visit the website  where you will find information about the program, the several ways to collaborate and information.



Within this annual edition of the conference held by the IOPD, three itineraries will be developed:

  • From the (neo)liberal city to the constructruction of democratic cities

  • The director of the play and the actors in dispute. Who and how decide and make cities today?

  • Participatory with full rights. Societies and cities in co-construction  


The organization of the conference invite local and regional governments, civil society organizations and academic centers that want to participate to propose activities and contents for the program of the day. In this application form you can send the proposals.


As already mentioned, the conference will take place the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of December Iztapalapa city (Mexico), under the theme "When democracy reaches us ... participatory cities with full rights, participatory democracy and the right to City, Iztapalapa city will welcome with open arms all the participants in an environment that seeks the improvement of global democracy and global participation.