IOPD 13th Award Finalists

Finalist Cities to 13th IOPD Award "Best Practice in Citizen's Participation"

We are pleased to announce the names of the finalists candidacies for the 13th IOPD Award "Best Practice in Citizen's Participation", which will be delivered on December 10 in the city of Iztapalapa in the framework of the 19th IOPD Conference.


Bogotá (Colombia): "Interactive Platform for monitoring compromises between citizens and public entities: COLIBRÍ".

Bordeaux (France): "A Participatory Budgeting with the colors of sustainable development".

Medellin (Colombia): "New forms of participation in Local Planification and Participatory Budgeting".

Metz (France): "The dream city, green, sustainable and united" by the City Council of the Children of Metz

Nariño (Colombia): "GANA Municipalities, Open government of Nariño"

Tomiño (Spain): "Defense of cross-border citizens"


* This order is alphabetical