A national network for participatory budgets in France

On November 8, mayors of several French cities announced the creation of a National Network for Participatory Budgets that they tend to expand to all territories that work for citizen participation.

It is an association to which local authorities can join by committing themselves to respect certain fundamental principles in the implementation of their participative budget. This national network is also intended to promote the exchange of good practices between communities.


It is in front of the increase of the cities having now their participative budget, about 200 in 2019 in France, that the mayors of Paris, Rennes, Montreuil and Grenoble, at the initiatives of this project, thought necessary the setting up of this network to ensure the quality and sincerity of the various participatory budgeting processes undertaken by the communities.


Therefore, the mayors-assistants in charge of the participative democracy of the four cities signed a declaration on the "fundamental principles of the participatory budget in France". Among the principles to be respected: the "effective power" given to citizens "to submit proposals and decide", transparency, the inclusive dimension and the sustainability of a process taking place regularly.


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