The Warwick District Council citizens will vote on "climate action fund"

On February 26th, Warwick District Council decided to organize a referendum on increasing its council tax in order to create a £3m "climate action fund".

Residents will be asked on 7th May the following question: "Would you pay £1 a week more to fight climate change?" to vote on whether to raise council tax by 34.2% to finance the council's climate action fund which would then be used to tackle the climate emergency. 

In a statement of the leaders, after declaring a state of climate emergency, guaranteed that the money raised would be ring-fenced and could only be used to deal with the current climate emergency. This reform takes place in the Climate Emergency Action Programme - that advocates strong local leadership and significant investment to change the future for the better and make the district carbon neutral by 2030.

The local leaders of Warwick are setting up an innovative experience as they plan to raise money locally that would be used to reduce congestion, improve air quality, enhance biodiversity and built more energy efficient homes and public buildings.


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