Commenting and voting phase of the 14th IOPD Award has finished

The top 21 candidacies have made it to the final thanks to the support from other members of the PARTICIPATE OIDP platform




The top 21 proposals made it to the final phase, representing 50% of the applications submitted (candidacies 20 and 21 received the same amount of votes). The process saw 449 participants posting 340 comments on the PARTICIPATE OIPD platform. During this period, the members of the platform made questions and suggestions to those who presented the proposals and thus gain insight into innovative practices.

These 21 candidacies will be forwarded to a jury of international experts, who will evaluate a detailed sheet from each innovative experience in citizen participation. The proposals will remain visible and comments are still open to anyone wishing to share their view.


Below are are the top 21 candidacies (in no particular order):


Some key data generated throughout the process: 




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