The Paris Conference: from Open Data to Open Gov

The Paris Conference on Open Data and Open Government on Thursday, April 24th and Friday, April 25th will be a prime occasion to take stock of these evolutions in France and throughout the world, with some of the key actors of this global movement.

The first day of the Conference, held at the Cour des comptes (the French Government Accountability Office) on Thursday 24th, will showcase three major dimensions of the open government revolution:


·      Building trust and transparency in our democracies through more open data, more open decision-making processes and the construction of a culture of accountability in government;


·   Empowering citizens by sharing and co-developing the resources that an active, informed and autonomous civil society requires to thrive;


·      Ushering government and public services into the age of the digital revolution, from data-driven strategies to government-as-a-platform.


This first day of conference will showcase the talents, initiatives and creativity of many of the startups and civil society organizations from around the globe which are shaping and driving this movement.


The second day of the Conference, held at the Secretaryfor the Economy and Finances on the morning of April 25th, will be an occasion to further explore these new territories through half a day of workshops for government, citizens and civil society. Participants will engage in discussions on the most cutting-edge topics of open data and open government in the context of the upcoming evolutions to France’s legislation on access to information(SUPPR) following up on the new Europe Directive on Public Sector Information.


On the afternoon of April 25th, a ‘Tech Camp’ will be opened to developers and open data practitioners on the occasion of the publication by the French Government of a packaged and documented version of the open source software that powers, augmented with social and collaborative features.