Smarter Cities 2014

Vienna, 10th – 11th June 2014

"As investment in Smart Cities is predicted to reach $400bn by 2020, Smarter Cities 2014 focuses on the key issues of the market trends and issues of getting smart city projects from strategy to practical application and unlocking the potential that this investment can yield for citizens.

Following extensive research with 67 key European and Global stakeholders from City Officials to Solutions Experts, it’s clear that gaining financial backing to implement to making the smart city project a reality is one of the biggest challenges right now for companies and cities looking to build successful partnerships.

Only at Smarter Cities 2014 will Project Leaders and City Officials show you how they are truly tackling procurement issues and improving performance to address the social and economic challenges in their cities.

Within the Smart Cities initiative being driven by so many cities, two things are very clear:-

1: Cities are constantly trying to find cost-efficient solutions to solve their shortcomings. Ensuring good transport, health, energy, waste and education are vital to ensure sustainable economic growth in the future.

2: Secondly, ensuring that the solutions that they choose are compatible with existing technologies to create an efficient service is essential. 

Smarter Cities 2014 provides the most targeted platform for Smart City Solution Experts to showcase latest technology, thinking and innovation with city officials.

With a wealth of transformation happening in making cities more forward-thinking, Smarter Cities is the only event to address the practical challenges from the perspectives of the city officials.

Who Should Attend:

·         City Leaders/Mayors/Chief Executives

·         Central Government

·         Smart City Project Leaders and Strategists

·         Heads of Sustainable Development

·         Chief Information Officers

·         Chief Data Officers

·         Directors of ICT

·         Heads of Digital Strategy

·         Heads of Economic Regeneration

·         Heads of Public Transport and Mobility

·         Heads of Energy Departments

·         Urban Planners/Developers

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the smartest of Smarter Cities conference this year."