6th National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation

Reston, VA (Washington DC metro area)

" NCDD conferences are extraordinary networking and learning events. National experts in dialogue and deliberation will share their latest thinking and you will be exposed to numerous tools and cutting-edge approaches you can put into practice back home. This is not your usual “talking heads” conference. Our extraordinary planning team will make sure you are fully engaged and learning, no matter your level of expertise.

YoungLadiesWithMug-NCDDSeattleThe 2014 conference offers you a unique opportunity to explore your challenges and successes with an amazing group of peers, increase your visibility and effectiveness, and build lasting relationships. You will leave feeling more motivated, supported and prepared to do this vital work. Learn more.

Our theme for this year’s conference – Democracy for the Next Generation – invites us to build on all the innovative practices and tools that have been invigorating the dialogue and deliberation community in recent years. Now more than ever, we have both the opportunity and, increasingly, the imperative to bring this work to a much larger stage in order to build a stronger democracy that is able to address society’s most pressing challenges."