International Meeting on the Right to the City

November 12-14, 2014 São Paulo, Brazil

In order to confront the fundamental political, economic, social, cultural and environmental challenges that exist in our cities we need to push the global debate on content and strategies to materialize the right to the city, and continue to push for the regional construction of this content.

During the next few years a new International Urban Agenda will be built due to processes underway to define the post 2015 Agenda for the Millennium and the Sustainable Development Objectives that were a challenge during the Rio+20 in 2012 and the Habitat III Conference on Human Settlements. In order to contribute to this process of building a global platform for the Right to the City and creating international strategies for incorporating it into the new international agenda, there will be an International Meeting on the Right to the City in the regional and international context in São Paulo from November 12-14.