The Citizen and the Government: How They Connect

Training. Date: Wednesday, October 29 Time: 8:00 - 11:30 AM Location: Mayflower Renaissance Hotel 1127 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC 20036

Across all levels of government, departments and agencies have taken the first steps in citizen engagement. You’ve got your huge websites, mobile apps and data. Your social media is a lot of work, but it is buzzing along, and you’re monitoring your web traffic with analytics. Good job!

Those digital efforts are extremely important, and you’re doing them well — but what’s next?

Register for our free, in-person training, The Citizen and the Government: How They Connect, to hear real-world government case studies that reveal the power of good government engagement. You will get answers to these questions to help you create a better customer service experience:

How do you actually enhance citizen engagement?

How do you know if you’re helping people find what they need and engage with your agency?

How do you make citizen engagement easier for your team to manage?

How can you help your customers understand what they need to do and actually do it?

How can you create an excellent customer experience?

When you think of good engagement experiences, you probably think of organizations like Nike, REI and Capital One: companies that are built around the wants and needs of their customers. Together, we can help government be an excellent conduit for citizen engagement.