Opening of the Antioquia 2024 Incentives and Initiatives Call for Proposals (Convocatoria Estí­mulos e Iniciativas Antioquia 2024)



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The Government of Antioquia, through the Secretariat of Participation and Citizen Culture, launches the call "Antioquia 2024 Incentives and Initiatives" in order to strengthen citizen participation, improve infrastructure, and promote social and economic development in the region.


Promote community initiatives.


All community action boards and ASOCOMUNALES in the Department of Antioquia, except those in the city of Medellín. Indigenous resguardos* and communities duly recognised by the Ministry of the Interior, and all forms and expressions of organisation and/or grassroots organisations of black, Afro-Colombian, Raizal and Palenquero communities duly registered with the competent authority may also participate.

*Resguardos: are special legal and socio-political institutions, made up of one or more indigenous communities that organise themselves autonomously to manage their territory and community life through their own normative systems (Source: Colombian Ministry of Justice).


Antioquia is one of the 32 departments that make up the Republic of Colombia. Its capital is Medellín, the second most populated city in the country. It is located in north-western Colombia, in the Andean and Caribbean regions. With some 6 994 792 inhabitants in 2023, it is the second most populous department, and with 63 600 km², the sixth largest, surpassed by Amazonas, Vichada, Caquetá, Meta and Guainía. Its territorial organisation comprises nine sub-regions in a total of 125 municipalities.

The Government of Antioquia, through the Secretariat of Participation and Citizen Culture, recognises and promotes the social and community initiatives of Antioquians who work daily for the well-being of their territories. With this objective in mind, the "Antioquia 2024 Incentives and Initiatives" call has been launched.

A total of 29 projects and initiatives of community organisations, such as community action boards, asocomunales, social organisations, resguardos and indigenous and Afro-descendant communities, will be awarded, as long as they are legally constituted and have updated statutes.


"We have six categories and we seek with them to strengthen citizen participation, contribute to the improvement of the physical and digital infrastructure of the community huts, contribute to the strengthening of community economies, the autonomy of women, help reduce hunger, generate spaces of well-being, contribute to the Departmental System of Care," said Carlos Ríos Puerta, Secretary of Participation and Citizen Culture.


Each category has different components and financial incentives of 10, 13, 14 and 18 million pesos will be awarded to help implement the winning proposals. The six categories are:

  • Citizen Participation - Social Development
  • Community Productive Enterprises - Socio-Economic Development (including food security and sovereignty)
  • Social Inclusion - Human Development
  • Interactive Community
  • Social Infrastructure - Spaces for Well-Being
  • Sustainable and sustainable development

Registrations were open until 23 June of this year and the list of winners will be published on 20 August. Social and community organisations were able to consult the requirements, guidelines, phases of the process, evaluation criteria and make their registrations at the following link:

This initiative allows communities to continue promoting their projects, improving the physical and digital infrastructure of Antioquia, reducing malnutrition, creating healthy environments and improving women's autonomy.


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