Summary of the International Conference on citizen participation in the budgeting and management of local and regional affairs in Africa


The International Conference on Public Participation and Participatory Budgeting in Africa was held in Tunis on 4, 5 and 6 December. Organized by the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior and Local Affairs, with the support of GIZ - German cooperation, UCLG Africa, Enda Ecopop and IOPD among many other organizations, was attended by African political leaders, highlighting ministers of Tunisia, Senegal and Madagascar, mayors, local councilors and leaders of civil society organizations, NGOs, and academics.

The conference was structured in 4 plenary sessions and 12 workshops where papers were presented and discussed on participatory budgeting, funding of local governments, citizen participation strategies, empowerment of civil society, and the role of women and minorities in civic participation.